Sunday, September 6, 2009

Most Critical Issues Facing Black Oregonians?

What are the most critical issues facing Black Oregonians in 2009?

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  1. Racism. Racism permeates the structures and fabric and racism hugely impacts Blacks in Oregon! Our Public Schools fail to properly and adequately educate our Black students due to racism primarily. Along with the white perpetrators of racism, we have enablers.... Businesses housed here in Portland (the City with the largest number of Black folk) practice and/or support racism -- e.g. Safeway Stores, CHASE Bank, Enterprise Car Rental and others. Our Portland Public Schools is UNapologetically racist and the 'telling' stats reflect same. Due to fear, a vast number of Oregon Blacks operate, function and 'openly talk' from a position of powerlessness. Because of the fear, there is a 'do-not-offend-white-folk-no-matter-what' philosophy that underlies the 'pubic' tongues of Black Oregonians. Those of US who speak truth, demonstrate 'Black' strength and 'Black' love, and have wisdom and answers are seldom -- if ever, consulted with in earnest. Oregon does NOT have a comprehensive or even a piecemeal plan to lessen racism. Portland does not have a comprehensive or even a piecemeal plan to lessen racism. Oregon is 'white' and that 'whiteness' is evident throughout our government and private sectors.


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